Personal Finance

It’s been a while but I am back to personal finance for good!

Why am I blogging about personal finance? Because I realized that personal finance is a subject that we all should pay attention to. While I became more concerned about my financial indicators, I realized that a lot of people are simply ignoring that personal finance is as important as their jobs.

I run this blog for a while now but I have not really been consistent. Neither writing, neither improving it. My last post was back in February, just before coronavirus.

The truth is that my time was rather limited in recent months. I simply stopped blogging over here!

I started a Master’s back in 2018 and guess with what I’ve been busy with…writing my thesis! But that is all done and I will have more time to dive into the world of personal finance.

For the past months, I have been writing for Medium in topics around personal finance and investing.

I have started, as well, an investment newsletter with weekly updates on a couple of my stock portfolios but I also hint on some speculative plays. If this is something that may be interesting for you, consider subscribing here.

My Medium Gig

Medium is a platform created by writers and for writers. It is a platform that allows anyone to start writing about any topic and be rewarded by the traction created.

I have been on and off but it is my goal to become more consistent in publishing articles. Some articles from my blog were adapted and published on Medium as well.

So far in August, I have published 5 stories and most of them are all available in several publications. None of them went viral but still, I had a considerable amount of views.

Medium Statistics
Medium Statistics

In terms of revenue, it has been marginal so I do not even bother tracking it. But who knows, if this becomes a considerable income stream.

The Short-Term Plan

As I now have more free time, I wish to be a more consistent writer in this blog. Time to go back to my previous monthly reports, as my financial life stabilizes.

I also need to re-arrange the way I have been tracking my personal finance. Excel still demands some time for the most part but I see Google Sheets as a good alternative and easier to maitain. I will explore this further and maybe do some posts about it.

If you a reader of this blog and would like to suggest some topics I should write about, just leave your comment down below.