Dividend Portfolio Update

Here is latest update of my Dividend Income Portfolio.

A few months back, I started a small Dividend Portfolio. You can read my previous post here.

It’s been some time now so I wanted to check and register the progress of this “Dividend Growth” strategy. My dividend stocks were based on the Dividend Champions list, maintained by Justin Law and made available here.

After a few months, I have been quite passive and just had to cut some of my initial holdings due to dividends reduction or suspension. This is one of my investment rules for this portfolio.

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The Dividend Portfolio Progress

The portfolio is set and currently I’m holding 41 stocks long and have one small short position as a hedge. I consider to be well diversified across sectors, and now I just need to maintain it.

Sector Distribution November
Dividend Portfolio Sectors

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As we can see below, this Dividend Income Portfolio has been growing steadily and all dividends are re-invested.

Dividend Portfolio Value
Dividend Portfolio Growth
Dividends Received Update
Dividends Received

Important to note that I automatically transfer funds into this investment account every week.

This saves time and avoids emotional decisions based on news or other life events. Thank you for reading and hope I contributed positively to your day!